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RE: Beehives...

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Aron Insinga wrote:
> Or was that the cheap Infoton terminals that Pete Wharter got
> because they did reverse video?  I think that you could wack
> them on the back and get sparks.

Infoton. The heatsink on the power supply in back was too close to the 
case, and the cards too flexible. Hit the back. spark, spark. Easiest way 
to log off.

Dave Sincoskie, Fearless Graduate Student, one day took a marker and 
wrote 'DogShit' on all the Infoton cartons where they were piled up at 
the exit to 360 Dupont. Infoton 200s became DogShit 200s. Gee, somehow 
the boxes got moved out fast after that.

As of 1986 Pete was still using his Infoton. he used it til the suns came 
in. We all knew better than pete, that black letters on white background 
would never last :-)

[[[ this is more a 360 dupont story than a delta story, but it is funny ]]]