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Re: Beehives...

. I have a vague memory that, late in the life of the
> Beehives, someone created a visual editor, but I can't remember who or what.
> Cheers,
> Alan
It was I, Muhahahaha  I created a program that recorded your key strokes
and let you view and edit the escape sequences so you could do crude
animations with them.

It was a horrid little piece of code, you had to totally memorize the
control keys I used for the different fuctions, plus some of the escape
sequences as well.   Some functions it recorded directly, such as use of
the arrow keys.  It was an animated text text editor.  Brian Cloud did a
little animation of him tossing a crymson bolt or Cyrotak (?) at me, and
some one else did a  spider logo on the screen.

Does anyone else remember the web5 programs that ran on the Tektroniks?

I seem to remember Ernie Perez did a neat graphic on the Tek terminal
too.  Fess up Ernie.