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RE: Beehives...

At 09:10 AM 5/5/98 -0400, Bob Mader wrote:
>Good thing you have the docs on those Beehives... I seem to remember them
>being a temperamental lot. Didn't they have problems when they got too hot?
>Seems all the Delta Beehives had extra fans installed in the sides.

Yeah, and they weren't properly grounded, so a static electricity shock
would cause you to lose all your work and log off, I think I remember.
>Also, I wonder if the technical docs cover the escape sequences... I seem to
>remember that the Beehives were not compatible with any standard (e.g.,
>VT52, VT100, ANSI). 

To make it worse, there were two different types of Beehives (Bees and
Super-bees, I think), and I'm not sure they were compatible with each other.

>It might be fun to write a Beehive emulator if we ever
>get any of the Delta software running on the PDP-11 simulator. Didn't we
>have Beehive versions of a system status display program (something-DPY)
>and, of course, Beehive Star Trek? Funny, though, I can't remember if we
>ever had a visual editor for the Beehives?

There was a program called BEEDPY, which I think was a Beehive-compatible
version of a system monitor program that normally ran on a VT52 at the
computer center (for the edification of the operators, who of course had no
idea what it showed). I have a vague memory that, late in the life of the
Beehives, someone created a visual editor, but I can't remember who or what.