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Re: PDP-1 Spacewar

Kendall writes:
>I will check my archives. At one point, I took a copy of that game from
>my friend Steve Stutheit and loaded it onto a pdp11/34.  I may still
>have the 8" floppy, I don't know.  I will also check with my friend
>Steve.  Of course, I have no idea how I will read the floppy.

After I lost my account at Delta (for what? I don't remember), I wanted
to store my MESSAG.TXT mail box on some media that I would be able to
retrieve.  So, after much head scratching, I hooked up a tape recorder
to a 300 baud modem, and typed out MESSAG.TXT while on-line.  I could
then play the tape back into an accoustic coupler, and read the file.
Kind of interesting -- sort of like an e-mail answering machine --
you could fast forward through messages, rewind, etc, just by using the
tape recorder's controls!

(Your unreadable 8" floppy makes me want to dig up that tape and see
what I felt was such precious data).

BTW, I still have several Beehive terminals that I just haven't been
able to get myself to throw out.  Along with all of the technical
documentation on them.  Good thing I gave back the DecWriter when I
left Delta.