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Re: PDP-1 Spacewar

> >...
> >>    ..PDP-1 Spacewar
> >>
> >>    Turn on Java and visit this site [32] to play the first computer
> >>    game. Two spaceships, one star, missiles, gravity: heaven. Space-
> >>    war, as developed at MIT in 1962 for the PDP-1, lives again. The
> >>    code was typed in from an original assembly-code listing and run
> >>    through a PDP-1 assembler written in perl. The resulting program
> >>    runs atop a PDP-1 emulator implemented in Java.
> >>
> >>    [32] http://lcs.www.media.mit.edu/groups/el/projects/spacewar/
> >>

I will check my archives. At one point, I took a copy of that game from
my friend Steve Stutheit and loaded it onto a pdp11/34.  I may still
have the 8" floppy, I don't know.  I will also check with my friend
Steve.  Of course, I have no idea how I will read the floppy.