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Re: Announcing...

Wow, I go away on vacation for a week and look what happens!  A new mailing 
list explodes!  I haven't read through it all, but first, does anybody have a 
working DECtape drive?

I got semi-involved at the B5500 stage and got more involved for the next 7 
years, up until the EE department got out, when I went to work at the 
University computer center for Dan.  (I remember changing the system name to 
'Project Epsilon' late at night before I left.  After all, Epsilon comes after 
Delta in the Greek alphabet and is used for a diminishingly small quantity in 
calculus, and things seemed to be imploding.  :-)  I (and I think Gary 
Luckenbaugh) went up to Lincoln to help set some things up.  I've got scads of 
memories that I'll try to organize and send out.  I'll also try to dig out my 
slides and scan them in.

I would love to see the original proposals or status reports to DSAA...  That 
would really put the times into perspective.

- Aron Insinga

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