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Hi folks,

Well, I've been getting so many requests for various bits of 
information, that I have decided to take the wraps of the Delta web 
site. Mind you, it's still "under construction," as they say. But I 
have posted the tid bits described below. Hopefully, this will be 
helpful to those of you who wish to play historian and compile some 
more polished content for publication on the site...

    Mail list archive-- It's updated in real time as the messages
    are sent to the list. Handy for the folks who unsubscribed,
    but still want to keep in touch! The message indexes can be
    displayed by date (most recent first) or by thread. I've also
    set up a special section with selected pre-list messages
    because we received so many nice stories while we're finding
    all you people.

    Delta Alumni Preliminary Roster-- Basically, the list of names
    that we are working from for finding folks. Includes the e-mail
    addresses of the Deltoids we've found. I received many
    requests for this type of info... "have you found so and so?"

    Alan Flippen's Unofficial History-- written in 1980, Alan has
    added a new forward and updated the text to tone down some
    isolated instances of nastiness. Must reading... I guarantee
    you'll enjoy this!

    "Preserving Computing's Past: Restoration and Simulation" by
    Maxwell M. Burnet and Robert M. Supnik-- this detailed paper
    was published in the Digital Technical Journal in December of
    1996. Trust me, this will get you in the historical preservation
    mood. Check it out; you'll be glad you did!

    And finally... RSTS/E version 9.0 for use with Bob Supnik's
    PDP-11 simulator. The PDP-11 simulator is freeware source
    code written entirely in C. It is a very accurate emulation in so
    far as the hardware registers and processor instructions are
    faithfully implemented. It'll run on any Unix platform, and it's
    very robust... I haven't found any bugs and I've been playing
    with it on and off for a few months now. There are also
    simulators for PDP-8's, 18 bit PDP's, DG Nova, and IBM 1401.
    And software to run on all of them!

    The RSTS/E V9 kit is the original distribution of three RL01
    packs. It's licensed and totally legal for use with the simulator.
    Load the SYSL1G pack on DL0: (attach the disk image file
    using the simulator console), boot, and you are ready to install
    RSTS/E. I've gotten as far as getting "RSTS/E is on the air."
    But without docs, I've never really gotten everything SYSGENed
    and installed right. Maybe you will have better luck! I wish I had
    a copy of RSTS/E more in tune with the Delta era, but for now,
    9.0 is all I have been able to find. Now if we could only find
    some Delta backups!

Oh, I almost forgot! The URL is http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta. 
I wonder if the server is in room 360? Let me know what you think!

Regards for now...