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You guys are going to love this!!  If it is one you, STOP IT, and let me
know now!!

BRAIN?????  ;-)

My server has been HACKED as of a week ago.  I had a crash today and saw
a user called X on my logs.  My X was logging in directly as ROOT...   I
am about to cut is ROOT!  We have tracked him to enhtech.com, telekom.ya
and a few other places.

It does not seem that he is causing problems, only trying to install an
IRC and IRC bot on my server.  I am currently backing up all my web
sites, perl scripts, mailing list, and other information.  I will be
doing a RELOAD this weekend from RedHat 4.2 2.0.18 to Slackware 3.4

The mail list will be down for the weekend.