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Re: As I remember things

I have offered a site on one of my servers, but I think Bob is going to do it on
his personal account at UofD EE.  I have been asked to put together web pages for
each deltoid that responds to a questionaire I will be sending out.

Rich Thomson wrote:

> In article <B16E5662-13338A@> ,
>     "Ed Tecot" <tecot@cs.stanford.edu>  writes:
> > Speaking of which, can we put this "unofficial history" up on the Web site?
> It was in MS Word format, which I saved out as HTML and sent back to
> Alan.  There were a couple of things he couldn't remember (like what
> ^V was), that I think he would like to fix in light of recent
> conversations.  Presumably after that, we're just waiting for where
> the "official" web site is going to be?  Jim, are you making an area,
> or is Bob?
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>                                                Rich Thomson
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