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RE: As I remember things

Hi Folks,

Look for something this weekend. For now, it'll just have to be Alan's 
history and a version of RSTS/E to run on Bob Supnik's PDP-11 
simulator. Maybe more if I get time. Will advise when ready.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with all this mail... Can't get it at 

Regards for now...


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    "Ed Tecot" <tecot@cs.stanford.edu>  writes:
> Speaking of which, can we put this "unofficial history" up on the Web 

It was in MS Word format, which I saved out as HTML and sent back to
Alan.  There were a couple of things he couldn't remember (like what
^V was), that I think he would like to fix in light of recent
conversations.  Presumably after that, we're just waiting for where
the "official" web site is going to be?  Jim, are you making an area,
or is Bob?
                                               Rich Thomson