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Late nights at Smith Hall


	Since we are all reminiscing of days long ago, I would like to add a 
thought or to the general conciseness.

	I remember one night Ed Jones and I were working late in the labs at Smith 
Hall,  ... well I guess that was damn near every night wasn't it? <smile>

	Anyway, Ed and I were in the CIS labs on the ground floor of Smith loading 
some less then licensed software ... come to think about it, we scraped OS 
of the 11/45 in favor of ours. Not the best position to be in when Dr. 
Komora walks in !!!  So here we are at 11PM screwing around with someone 
else's machine with someone else's software and the 'new' head of the CIS 
department walks in the door and wants to talk <gulp !!>.  Ed promptly sits 
on the boot leg warez while I position myself in front of the monitor 
...best we could do on short notice.

	Komora walks in, sits down and starts asking us about our personal life's, 
all Ed and I could do is stare at each other and answer the bizarre array 
of questions.  Then the good doctor launches into a soap box sermon on the 
evils of spending all your time in the computer labs instead of getting 
drunk or laid or both.  We're, Ed and I, are floored.  Komora then winds up 
this 30 min prepared speech with a final and stern warning. To this day I 
will never forget it, terrifying as insightful, harsh as pragmatic.

	Dr. Komora told Ed and I that if we continued our life's as we had been 
would, and I quote ...  "wind up being computer bums like Ron Reisor ".  Ed 
and I laugh for about a week.

-Brian B. Cloud
'Chocolate, Caffeine, Paranoia ... Breakfast of Champions'