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A big thank you to the folks at DELTA

I just want to say a big "thanks" to everyone who was there at DELTA
while I was there, because I really did learn gobs of stuff while I
was there that really served me well in my career.

(And probably to your annoyance at my many messages on this list, one
of them was the ability to type fast through so much practice :)

Ron Dozier taught me about linked lists.  (While examining the guts of
the SIL; remember that?  For that matter, can anyone remember the what
SIL stood for?  I think it was the code that was loaded off the boot
block of the disk to start RSTS.)

Ralph Gonzalez' prolific output on the Tektronix 4014 graphics terminal
inspired me to a career in computer graphics.  I would never have
gotten where I am today without that inspiration, Ralph!

Bob Mader taught me about software scheduling.  (Whenever Boas would
ask him about his progress on DIRECT, Bob would always say "I'm working
on it" :)

Both Bob Mader and Chris Brown helped me out when I was just starting
programming and deserve special thanks for that.

Thanks to Ed Jones and Ed Boas for providing the environment in which
we played and slaved :).  (Would anyone these days trust a 13 yr. old
with security pass, a building key and a priveleged account on a
multi-user time sharing system?)

Ed Boas deserves thanks for letting me be a "teaching assistant" in
his summer classes (SICBE?), which was really a lot of fun.

Tony Eros deserves thanks for sticking up for me (despite spider and
fly differences) when we were "interrogated" by security for trying to
buy candy out of the busted vending machine while being accused of
breaking it. :)

Those are the only specific things I can remember at the moment, but I'm
sure that lots more thank yous are deserved all around, so don't consider
yourself left out if I didn't mention you specifically!  Thanks all!
					    Rich Thomson