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Re: Elevator hacks, PLATO, Dept of Ed...

--Quoting Bob Mader...
> Speaking of strange computers in Willard Hall, I wonder how many of you
> remember the PLATO system. There was a really fancy "PLATO classroom"
> the hall from 011, near the front door to Willard. I remember actually
> learning enough about how to write PLATO lessons to develop my own; the
> topic was how to hack elevators, complete with pictures showing how to
> operate the Smith Hall elevators with the door open. I can't even
> now what language the PLATO lessons were written in.

PLATO (Programmed Learning And Teaching O-something...) Loved it, I
supose PLATO may be off topic on a list server for Deltoids, but so what.
 I wrote an intro level Physics lesson on this system, great graphics
(Plasma glass-thick screens) I thought these terminals would be the
future of computer terminals (is there a future to terminals?).  They had
options for sound, rear display pictures, HUGE floppy disks (I mean HUGE
maybee a foot across or more).  Does anyone remember the multi-user
flight simulator on it?  Triangles fought against circles with dozens of
other players in the airspace at the same time.  All flight commands
through keyboard, enter key to update screen.  When everyone was playing
it acually slowed down the CDC-760? "supercomputer".  They eventually
limited access to the game to programmers (then it was much better,
faster & better players to play against) then they decided to cut that
off too.  Something about computers were not for games. (If they're not
then why does PC RAM sales follow introduction of better versions of DOOM
et al?).

Chris Brown

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