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Mixing vocation and avocation

	This may be somewhat off topic, but I think my experience
	with DELTA really helped form an interest in computers that
	has blended profession and fun.

	My interest in computers started in 8th grade when my dad 
	brought home a Fortran book and coding pad from work.  I 
	started with a combination of batch and timeshare; I wrote 
	a program on the sheets, Dad took them to work and loaded 
	the program on the HP timeshare system he used and brought
	me back the output.

	When I got to Concord for 10th grade, DELTA really cemented
	my interest.  I've carried this through to one of my hobbies -- 
	collecting vintage computers.

	Here's a current list of my collection:

		Qty		Description
		1		Atari 400
		1		Apple IIe 	(Bell and Howell variant,
also known 
							as Darth Vader Apple
due to its black 
		4		Apple IIc
		1		Apple IIgs
		1		Apple Lisa II
		2		Apple Macintosh SE
		2		Apple Macintosh II
		1		Apple Macintosh IIsi
		1		Apple Macintosh Classic
		1		Apple Macintosh Color Classic
		1		Apple Macintosh Portable
		1		Apple Newton 100
		1		Apple Newton 110
		1		AT&T 3B2
		1		Bondwell 286 Laptop
		1		Coleco Adam
		2		DEC PDP-8e
		2		DEC PDP-11/45 	(w/high-speed paper tape
and TU55)
		1		DECmate II
		1		DECmate III
		1		DECtalk I
		1		DECstation 3100
		1		DEC GT40
		1		DEC VT05
		1		DEC VT52
		1		Franklin 128			(Apple II
		2		HP-85
		1		HP-86
		1		HP 9000/300
		1		IBM PCjr
		1		IMSAI 8080
		1		Osborne I
		1		Perkin-Elmer Unix Workstation
		1		Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I
		1		Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100
		1		Radio Shack Color Computer
		1		Radio Shack Color Computer II
		1		Sun 3/80
		1		Sun SparcStation SLC
		1		Teletype ASR-33
		1		USRobotics PalmPilot
		1		Zenith Laptop
	Is anyone else a collector?

	-- Tony