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The era's of Delta

Exact order is rather fuzzy, but nonetheless this is what I remember.

1) At Larch avenue in Newport DE under the guise of "George's RSTS-11
     system" and 11/20 with 16 users.  George Robins, Ed Baker, Clark
     Baker, Theresa Green, Debbie Persoleo (Gary and I visted here)

2) Transistion between Larch avenue and 240 DuPont in the EE
    department Harold Bellis, "Harold's RSTS-11 system", Ed Baker, Clark
    Baker, Debbie Persoleo

Upgrade to PDP 11/50

3) The transition to EE (360 duPont hall) Theresa Green, Dan Grim,
      Eric Nystrum, Linda Olshewski (sp), Dave Olshewski, Rich Burchinal,
      Ron Dozier, Sherry Roland, Doris Reilly, Dave Robinson,
      Gary Luchenbaugh, Dave Haislett, Clark Baker, Ed Baker,
      Linda Ruff

I actually got in a car accident the night Theresa Green started
destroying aff of Delta's Magtapes.  She went to Lincoln University.

4) Transision to Education/ move to 358 dupont. Ed Boas, Ed Jones era.