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Re: Elevator hacks, PLATO, Dept of Ed...

the real turtle stuff happened on rsts, in conjunction with a tek storage 
tube terminal. I think it was ed baker who got 'turtle shit' to work 
credibly. (i.e. shit as in verb). 

the microcomputer came later. Funny story: one of the ed. guys (the guy
who wore the straw hat, not ed boas) observed that the micro could run
basic. Applying his own unique logic, he convinced ed boas that the micro
could boot rsts, since it ran basic! So he and ed tried very hard to make
gary luckenbaugh get the micro boot rsts. "How do you know it won't work
if you won't even try it". Sigh. The good technical management was
definitly gone by that point, even though we were still in dupont.