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Re: Elevator hacks, PLATO, Dept of Ed...

In article <E8CA902C9FB8D1119ACE0000F81F4967140EE8@alfexc8.alf.dec.com> ,
    Anthony Eros <Anthony.Eros@digital.com>  writes:
> [...] There was a very large hands-on component to
> the environment -- I'd love to get a Turtle to show the kids _real_ LOGO!

I remember the turtle!!  It was in Willard Hall, along with an S-100
bus microcomputer with 8" floppy drives.  Noone seemed to know how to
make the microcomputer boot or do anything useful with the turtle at
that point.  I tried tinkering with it a little bit, but I was too far
out of my element at the time.... I always wanted to play with it
                                               Rich Thomson