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Re: 11/xx running unix down the hall from 203

Yeah, I remember the machine Rich mentioned; I recall being quite surprised
to hear that there was an 11 operating in Willard, given that our machine
had been ordered into UDCC.

But I think UDCC had an 11/70 running Unix as well, right? I know I tried to
fool around with UNIX once or twice, and I don't think it was on the little
machine in Willard. In any case, I'm not sure I would have guessed from that
experience that RSTS would become a fossil while UNIX would make a bid to
take over the world (would any of you have?)

Meanwhile, I do think an important part of the experience was lost when the
machinery was sequestered away in UDCC. Efficient use of disk space meant a
lot more when you could see the thing thumping away like a washing machine.
But God knows how much additional havoc could have been caused if all of the
"flies" could actually touch the machine. 

And, yes, Kendall, I've forgiven you too. Like Rich, I've been called a lot
worse things since. I've even been called a journalist ...


At 10:19 AM 4/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone remember the little 11/40? down the hall from 203 that was
>running unix?  There was a guy in there I became pretty friendly with
>and he was showing me Unix and C (at 13/14 I still didn't understand
>trig functions!).  They had a little LSI-11 machine there that I seem
>to remember they used for audiology?  I can neither remember the guy's
>name, the particular kind of PDP-11 or the application but I do remember
>that the guy was friendly and it was kinda cool to see the hardware for
>a change.  By the time I'd gotten involved in DELTA, the hardware was
>sequestered in the computing center and I was only allowed in once to
>see it operate.  (I think that was the trip mentioned in Alan's
>unofficial history.)
>					-- Rich
>					    Rich Thomson
>					    rthomson@ptc.com