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11/xx running unix down the hall from 203

Does anyone remember the little 11/40? down the hall from 203 that was
running unix?  There was a guy in there I became pretty friendly with
and he was showing me Unix and C (at 13/14 I still didn't understand
trig functions!).  They had a little LSI-11 machine there that I seem
to remember they used for audiology?  I can neither remember the guy's
name, the particular kind of PDP-11 or the application but I do remember
that the guy was friendly and it was kinda cool to see the hardware for
a change.  By the time I'd gotten involved in DELTA, the hardware was
sequestered in the computing center and I was only allowed in once to
see it operate.  (I think that was the trip mentioned in Alan's
unofficial history.)
					-- Rich
					    Rich Thomson