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Re: Spiders and Flies

In article <35448ED0.638738F8@echip.com> ,
    kredburn@echip.com (K Redburn)  writes:
> Oh god, yes the spiders and flies.  I Hadn't forgotten the class
> distinction, but figured those we branded (unfairly) as flies might
> still take offense.

It used to stick in my craw, yes :).  But now I can look back upon all
that DELTA stuff and it doesn't bug me really.  After getting on the
net and arguing unpopular positions like drug legalization I've been
called far worse!  I've been called a Nazi and likened to Hitler so
many times that being called a fly hardly seems significant. :)  (The
Hacker's dictionary notes that by the time any usenet conversation
devolves into a comparison to Hitler, all substance has left the debate.)
                                               Rich Thomson