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RE: Spiders and Flies

I think you are right about it's location (between G and 1).  One day I was
fooling around in them and opened the doors between the floors and saw the
stuff.  I mentioned it to the folks who were in the fishbowl at the time and
they said something about the spider/fly "war".  They didn't elaborate too
much after that, so I went on to design my elevator hack that would open the
outside door when the car was not there; a decidedly dangerous maneuver on
the higher floors, but it allowed one to put a chair on the top of the car
and  ride above the car and see in detail the inner workings of an elevator
in action.

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I think I remember doing something on the walls in the shaft, but never on
the vater where people could see it.  In order to see it, you had to stop
the vater between floors and open the doors.  I think it was between ground
and 1st.... was it not?

K Redburn wrote:

> Oh god, yes the spiders and flies.  I Hadn't forgotten the class
> distinction, but figured those we branded (unfairly) as flies might
> still take offense.  I for one will admit to my participation in the
> despicable and foolish act of black marker vandalism of the Willard Hall
> elevators. I had two coconspirators, who will have to speak up for
> themselves.  Ahhh the days of carefree mispent youth.
> Kendall