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Re: Spiders and Flies

I think I remember doing something on the walls in the shaft, but never on
the vater where people could see it.  In order to see it, you had to stop
the vater between floors and open the doors.  I think it was between ground
and 1st.... was it not?

K Redburn wrote:

> Oh god, yes the spiders and flies.  I Hadn't forgotten the class
> distinction, but figured those we branded (unfairly) as flies might
> still take offense.  I for one will admit to my participation in the
> despicable and foolish act of black marker vandalism of the Willard Hall
> elevators. I had two coconspirators, who will have to speak up for
> themselves.  Ahhh the days of carefree mispent youth.
> Kendall