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RE: Joyce Quesenberry

I do remember her.  She and a couple others from CETA worked
in Ed Boas's office as many of us did then (this was in the
post-fishbowl Delta era) on those banks of DECwriters.

Does anyone remember the inscriptions between the elevator floors
in Willard?  The ones that you could see if you stopped the car
between floors and manually opened the doors.  Something about
spiders and flies?

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I don't know how many of you deltoids recognize the name; she was a
data entry worker for the jobs-related program that DELTA was
implementing (CETA?  Can't remember the name of the jobs program now).

At any rate, the last name is fairly unusual and once I was on IRC
(internet relay chat) and encountered someone with that last name.  I
enquired if there was any relation, and the person at the other end
claimed to be her son and that she had died a few years back.  I
was just wondering if anyone else out there could confirm or deny
this story since its rather FOAFish?

						-- Rich
					    Rich Thomson