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Basement preliminary search

  I know I've thrown out about 30lbs of Delta listings including copies
of DIRECT that Bob did so much work on (I wish Microsoft had used some of
Bob's enhanced search criteria e.g. find only files larger than so&so),
Ed Jones' AIQUEUE (remember this print spooler had a printer logged in as
a priv user, unplug the printer & plug in a terminal & WOW! priv access,
I got in trouble for this, but, well, it worked for me... ;-) ), & many
others. Shame.  I will search further for what I've kept.  I found right
away a listing of the QUEST program from the B7700 system that I'd ported
to the PDP-11/70 (allowed free-from questions & responded with possible
similiar questions previously answered) with the naive thought of
compiling it under the RSTS/E Algol compiler, which I also have a listing
of (PDP-11 Algol Compiler Level 6.6 26-Mar-79).  Both were printed on the
laser printer on UofD background from account (1,36). I think that was my
account but I'm not sure, I vaguely remember (20,20) and (90,6) as well. 
Does anyone have a list of account numbers?
  Reminiscing about Delta is more daunting when done with other's who
might shoot down some of the more fantastical memories and/or know who
really was involved in the reported memory.  Anyway, I suppose the
statute of limitations is long over.
  I left Delta for the Army in 1980 & never found out what happened to
the Jobs for Delaware Graduates program.  Could someone fill me in?

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