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RE: Y10K


A wise and noble point but I fail to find and reason to believe that 
anything I write today, or for that matter, anything that is capable of 
running something that I write today will exist in Y10K.  Nay, 4 character 
is plenty and if we in fact find yourself running up against this vapidly 
insipid problem yet again ... 4 character will provide adequate space for a 
hex number.

-Brian B. Cloud
'Chocolate, Caffeine, Paranoia ... Breakfast of Champions'

From:  Ralph Gonzalez[SMTP:rgonzale@ibl.bm]
Sent:  Friday, April 24, 1998 10:30 PM
To:  deltoids@mcws.net
Subject:  Y10K

All this talk about the longevity of Delta software has got
me thinking about Y2K (year 2000 bug). Most people dealing
with this issue recommend replacing all 2-character years
with 4-character values. DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP! We did
this and afterwards realized that we were only trading one
bug for another. Namely, Y10K. In the year 10,000, you will
need 5 characters for the year. My recommendation? Spare a
few extra bytes to use a long (or better still unsigned long)
integer. That way you'll be ready for Y100K. You'll be glad
you did, or at least, someone will be glad.
Ralph Gonzalez