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Re: Joyce Quesenberry

Joyce was originally from West Virginia (I remember this because part of my
family is from there too). Possibly from the town of Princeton, W.V., or
somewhere close to there, though my memory is more shaky on that point.
Still, there's a good chance any Quesenberries in southern West Virginia are
related to her, if anyone wants to do some detective work ...


At 10:14 AM 4/24/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I don't know how many of you deltoids recognize the name; she was a
>data entry worker for the jobs-related program that DELTA was
>implementing (CETA?  Can't remember the name of the jobs program now).
>At any rate, the last name is fairly unusual and once I was on IRC
>(internet relay chat) and encountered someone with that last name.  I
>enquired if there was any relation, and the person at the other end
>claimed to be her son and that she had died a few years back.  I
>was just wondering if anyone else out there could confirm or deny
>this story since its rather FOAFish?
>						-- Rich
>					    Rich Thomson
>					    rthomson@ptc.com