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Re: Joyce Quesenberry

I do remember her.  I worked on the project with Dave and Ed in the design
and coding.  As with all the other people, I have not seen nor talked to
anyone.  The last person I ever saw was Ed Jones about 12-14 years ago.  I
wish so much time had not passed.


Rich Thomson wrote:

> I don't know how many of you deltoids recognize the name; she was a
> data entry worker for the jobs-related program that DELTA was
> implementing (CETA?  Can't remember the name of the jobs program now).
> At any rate, the last name is fairly unusual and once I was on IRC
> (internet relay chat) and encountered someone with that last name.  I
> enquired if there was any relation, and the person at the other end
> claimed to be her son and that she had died a few years back.  I
> was just wondering if anyone else out there could confirm or deny
> this story since its rather FOAFish?
>                                                 -- Rich
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>                                             Rich Thomson
>                                             rthomson@ptc.com