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Re: coding standards

At 06:18 PM 4/23/98 -0600, Rich wrote:
>And while I'm reminiscing, does anyone remember writing little utility
>hacks as a basic-plus file with statements one one big continued line,
>but without a line number?  When you loaded them into your workspace,
>the statements executed immediately and then were forgotten (since
>they didn't have line numbers).  I don't remember if it was myself or
>someone else who discovered this trick, but it was akin to writing
>unix shell scripts.  Kinda cool!

Dave Haislett used this approach to send messages to people in the
pre-FEMAIL days (1976-77); he'd put some "PRINT" statements into programs
people were working on, without line numbers, so they'd print out as soon as
the person started his work.