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Re: Line Numberless hacks

Hi Rich.

Pseudokeyboards ruled.  They were much cooler than multi-thread code is

I like this gathering of Deltoids, because my kids couldn't care less
about my stories from those days.  They play on sega systems that make
Delta look like a poor joke. They look at my lisings of Wizard, and I
tell them it's a text based adventure game.  - blank stares -.

Delta days were like an Alice in wonderland dream world.  High school
was all about status, and proximity to the center of Delta was the
highest status.  To earn an account was the ultimate goal in our little
computer club, to become a Deltoid. (delta-ite?)  

That I now have more computing power in my three pc's on my desk here
than the entire university had at the time does not in any way diminish
the magic that was Delta.