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Re: Okay... a attic searching I went...

Programs from the days of yore that I would like to see (if only
because I remember them):

    WATCH -- watches someone else's I/O traffic (including input!) to
	their console by PEEKing into the O/S buffers

    FORCE -- like watch, but what you type gets shoved into their
	input buffers.  As a young man, I abused this tool as a priv
	user and got in trouble for it :)
    NOTES -- Phil Bernosky's messaging system predating Usenet AFAIK.
	It would be really awesome if anyone has the animated ASCII
	notes messages laying around.  Remember introducing a pause
	into your animation by typing gobs of NULL characters?
	Playback speed was determined by the baud rate of your
	connection :)

    FEMAIL -- Ed Jones' mail program

    MOONIE -- Ralph Gonzalez's earth/moon orbit simulation program
	that graphically displayed the ship and the moon in orbit
	around the earth on a Tektronix 4014 terminal.  Awesome!  This
	was the thing that got me interested in computer graphics.  I
	probably would have ended up with a career in the film
	industry if it wasn't for this one piece of code.  At the time
	I was just becoming disinterested in computers and looking for
	something else to take up my interest.

    Reversi in TECO! -- by Gary Luckenbaugh.  At least I think it was
	Reversi, it might have been another number/guessing type game.
	The impressive part was the implementation in TECO macros!

I can't remember the name of EJ's "network program", which to me
seemed so obtuse and irregular in its command syntax that I never
figured it out :).  But Ed managed to upload and download files off
the UDel machines connected to the net at the time.
                                               Rich Thomson