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Okay... a attic searching I went...

I went up in the attic and found the following:

Three DECTAPES with the following:
    All the pictures and graphics from account [4,12] and [50,50]
    Something that says Classified Information... yea right... but who
    Backup of account [90,6]  May have been my account.

I also found the complete TECO User Reference and Users Manaual dated
1979,  about 4 inches thick.  Printed by my account I think, not sure,
[1,4].  My 100 account was [100,47].

Then a book of listings!

The KBQUE program that updates KBQUE.SYS, written by Jones, modified by
Cloud 11-May-77 printed by [100,31]
    Bunch of code for games printed by [100,52]
The ARCHIVE program written by Ed Jones through version V6B.02.9  - The
PREZIP days!
The UPDATE program that UPDATES comments in JES70
Keith Barnetts DCList program...  5 liner with comment 23-Apr-77
Keith Barnetts Decompiler (DCCOMP) program written 3/77
Keith Barnetts DCMAKE  program written 23-Apr-77
Documentation to TM Organizer as written by Ed Jones
TMS Organizer program code.
ZORKO Help File
XEROX Code to make Magtape for the Xerox 1200 Printer
PRINTTO program by Ed Jones to type out OCTAL NUMBERS
Program to print out all the available error codes.
JES70 - Job Entry System for the PDP 11/70 version 6B.02.079 13-May-77
09:24 PM - Actual Program Code.
TSO Time Sharing Interface program code
INIT Time Sharing Interface program code
COMMON.MAC program code
NETINT - Inits Network program code
NETATT - Attach to network
Netwrk Keyboard PSEUDO KEYBOARD NETWORK by Ed Jones 06-Jun-77  program
     (I really LOVED the Pseudo Keyboards!!)  This code also has fixes
written in that I made.
Keith Barnetts Format Line Handler 10-Apr-77 code
Memo to Brian Cloud on 14-Apr-77 from Ed Jones dealing with the Archiver
program and changes
    that he wanted made by Brian.
Memo to Keith from Ed Jones asking that he learn a list of items with
the RSTS Monitor.  Ed asked that
    Keith do this so he could spend more time with PL1.
PKMON program code written by Mark Rutter and Ed Jones.
PKMON documentation dated 01-Mar-76
Memo on changes that should be made to FORMAT
Clock.Bas program code
VARLIST program code to list out varibles in a BAC file
JESLST program code
JESMAK JES error message code
DMPxxx macros
DMPSUB macros
CONICS program code by Ed Jones and Keith Barnett 18-May-76 AI Dupont
High School
    The program will sketch and give detailed info about different conic
sections.  - cool!
RPMON program code by Ed Jones 16-Apr-76
RATFOR macro code fto build the RATFOR types
CLEAN program code by Jim Stallings.  Used to stop garbage collection
(this was used to
    gain a number of priv passwords by both me and others.... you know
who you are!!!)
COMMAK program code by Ed Jobes 11-May-77.  Used to create comments out
    text files.  Nice program, used it alot.
DISPLAY program code by Keith Barnett 3/77
IOKCK by Keith Barnett 5-Mar-77, used to boot people off the system.
IOFORCE by Keith Barnett 9-Mar-77, he was on a roll!!
IOCHECK by Keith Barnett 6-Mar-77, he took IO as his high level
qualifier I guess!
IOSTATUS by Jim Stallings, guess I stole his high level qualifier!  ;-)
IONOTICE by Jim Stallings
MALE by Jim Stallings and Keith Barnett 16-May-77 program code.  This
allowed us to send coded
    encripted messages across the system.  It used a common account to
store all the messages
    then encoded them with a personal code.  You needed that personal
code to decode message
BATCH by Jim Stallings - do not know what this does.
IO Access program code by Keith Barnett 04-Mar-77
INFO.BAS program code by Jim Stallings 5-9-77, prints account
information from user id supplied.
FORMAT.BAS program code by Ron Dozier, Mark Rutter.  Keith Barnett made
    with RSTS 6B)
IODWN program code by Keith Barnett 12-Mar-77, modified by Jim Stallings
IOUP program code by Jim Stallings  (I never put dates on stuff!!)
IOLOG program code by Keith Barnett 5-Mar-77, modified by Jim Stallings
IOINF program code by Keith Barnett 5-Mar-77, modified by Jim Stallings
- used to create notices.
IOMES program code by Keith Barnett 5-Mar-77, modified by Jim Stallings
IODET program code by Jim Stallings
BEEHIV program code by Jim Stallings for BeeHive 100 system statistics
monitor.  This program ran
    on PK and updated the Beehive with system and user statistics
ISC IOUSE chaining program code by Jim Stallings
ISCCCL program code by Jim Stallings
IOUSE program code by Ed Baker in 04-May-77 to 15-May-77, completed by
Jim Stallings and
    Keith Barnett and with suggestions by Ed Jones.  Program allowed
real time talk to users
    on the system (CHAT PROGRAM)
IOHLP.TXT - All the help files for all the IO* program, and what files
pertain to them and how.
ISC Help text file

Wow.... Anyone need any neat code and DECTAPE for an OLD PDP11 sitting
in their garage??

Jim Stallings


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