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Welcome fellow Deltoid!   I wish to thank Bob Mader for his quest.  It
is a big undertaking to find, or attempt to find, all the previous
members of Project Delta.

Some of us have not seen nor heard of Project Delta for many years.  I
personally and not going to say how many! ;-)

This mailing list was created to help us stay in contact as well as
learn information about Project Delta and how this place started many of
our careers in the computer industry.

If you do not want to meet your fellow Deltoids or have no interest in
looking into the past, I am sorry I have bothered you with this email.
Simply send a message to delta@mcws.net and I will remove your name as
quickly as possible.

If you would like to help find members, please send a message to
delta@mcws.net and Bob Mader or his better half (Cecelia) will contact
you.  If you wish you may also remove yourself or process mail list
commands at http://www.mcws.net/detroids.html   Bob and Cecelia are also
working on a special web site for the Detroids, so please stay tuned and
send any stories you have about your life at Project Delta to
detroids@mcws.net for all of use to share, as well as add to the history
and web site.

Hope you stay for the ride and possible reunion of the group that Delta
helped shape.

Jim Stallings
Delta 75-80