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The entries in this section of the mail archive index are selected messages from the initial efforts to find folks. Here you have proof that the Deltoids mailing list and this web site all snowballed out of one innocent little note from Rich Thomson. From there, we found Teresa Green, the Bakers (Clark and Ed), Alan Flippen, Jim Stallings, etc., etc.

With the help of my wife Cecelia, we launched what some might call a spam mailing campaign. Cecelia prefers to refer to it as the "Search and Implicate Initiative." Anyway, we sent out messages to everyone with a given name of a known Deltoid that we could find in AltaVista, 411, and other search engines. The names came from an alumni list that was done in 1991 and from Ernie Perez's rolodex. These mailings are not included in this index, although many of the replies are.

In the process of finding all of these people, we received many wonderful stories. The purpose of this index is to make these stories available to the would be historians among us. Yes, you'll have to sort though some noise, but there are some gems in here.

A word regarding privacy: since these messages were sent to Cecelia and I personally and not to the list, we have deleted some of the personal information included. Specifically, mailing address and phone numbers that were not part of a signature file have been deleted. Also, many messages included the alumni list as it existed at the time. These have been edited out to avoid overloading the robotic search engines out there with occurrences of everyones' given names.

If you find anything in here that you would rather not have made publicly available, please let me know, and I will accommodate your wishes.

Bob Mader, n3lym@amsat.org