Apache httpd-2.0.55 with support for SCTP and multiple IP addresses

This version of httpd is based on Preethi Natarajan's version of httpd-2.0.55 with SCTP support. That version builds on FreeBSD, and allows binding the SCTP listen socket to a single IP address. This version adds support for building on linux, and for specifying multiple IP addresses to be bound to the SCTP listen socket.

To accomodate specifying multiple IP addresses, a new ListenSCTP directive has been introduced. This obsoletes the previous approach of appending the transport protocol (sctp/tcp) to the end of the argument to the Listen directive. The httpd.conf file generated by the install process contains a detailed description of how to use the ListenSCTP directive. Here are a few simple examples:

Previous method (Not valid in this version):

New method (equivalent to previous example):

New method (bind to multiple IP addresses):
ListenSCTP {,}:4000

N.B. When binding to multiple IP addresses, the first address in the list will be the primary address.