CPEG/ELEG 457/657: Search and Data Mining (Spring 2019)

Instructor: Hui Fang

Time & Place: MWF 9:05-9:55am, MEM 123


Basic Information

Course Description

With the increasing amount of textual information, it is important to develop effective search engines, such as Google, to help users manage and exploit the information. The course is designed to give students a broad view of information retrieval and to give students hands-on experience to solve real world problems in the area of information retrieval and text mining.


Students should come with GOOD programming skills.


Grading Policy

Regrade requests should be submitted in writing within one week after the assignment or exam in question is returned.

Late Assignment Policy

Late submissions will be penalized on an hourly scheme.
Up to 6 hour late, -15%
Up to 12 hours late, -40%
Up to 18 hours late, -70%
Zero grade after 24 hours

Topics Covered