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Other work





Statistical Machine learning for ARchitecture and compilation (SMART) Lab (run by Dr. John Cavazos), University of Delaware: June 2009 – present
  • Worked on the detection of intrusions on virtual machines using support vector machines, in particularly the possibility of real-time detection using the GPU.

  • Explored methods to optimize CUDA code, including using different modes of storage (local memory, shared memory, and registers) and loop unrolling

Video/Image Modeling and Synthesis Laboratory (run by Dr. Chandra Kambhamettu): September 2006-June 2009

  • Worked on tracking the motion of sea ice from Satellite Imagery, traveled to APLIS '07 ice camp in the arctic.

  • Implemented stereo/motion algorithms with the goal of tracking cloud motion from a sequence of satellite imagery, with a focus on taking advantage of the GPU to allow the results to be processed in real-time.

Research as part of course projects:
  • Implemented photon mapping on the GPU using CUDA as a project for an advanced graphics course entitled 'Rendering and Image Synthesis'.

  • Programmed a CUDA implementation of autostereoscopic image generation using a light field for a Computational Photography course.