Here's one I didn't expect. Since the throttle body sits so far forward compared to TPI, and I have a serpentine belt. I had to clearance for the throttle position sensor.






And clearance for the IAC as well.





For some reason my TV cable was short, I bought a TV cable from the dealer for a '93 Camaro since that's the only year that an LT1 came with a 700R4 transmission. It was plenty long.

Can't use a LT1 throttle cable though, I had to shorten mine by almost an inch and braze the end back on. Don't try soldering, it WILL brake. :)




A small distributor is mandatory. Get one from an '87 or later. Also the EGR stuff must be blocked off to use a distributor. I made some plates from aluminum to get the job done.




Minor clearance for the small distributor was still needed at a corner of the intake. Hard to see in this picture, close up below.






Close up, still a little hard to see.







Drilled and tapped for a distributor hold down before the intake was installed.