Grocery List


1. LT1 Intake. Available from many sources. Stay away from the 1993 intake, it has different fuel rails that don't allow for a distributor. Try one of these sources:





2. Remote Thermostat Housing. Weiand p/n 7134 or 7134P if you want polished. 

I use Offenhauser p/n 5308 now because the Weiand is such a long lead time and is more expensive. They are available at:

Summit Racing



3. Custom Fuel Lines. Use Dorman fittings p/n's 800-120 and 800-121 and your existing hard line fittings. Dorman stuff available at:




note: I can provide a complete built custom fuel line for $85 shipped to your door ready to go.


4. Heater Hose with 90 ends (3/4"). Qty 2. Napa p/n 9822