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I begun by taking the old fuel rail apart and changing all the o-rings. The rusted fuel pressure regulator at the far left turned out to be bad. They are pretty proud of those things, cost me $69 at DAP!





Custom fuel lines. I re-used the fittings on the old rubber TPI lines. They are the same on a V-6 as well as a V-8. Just go to a salvage yard for them. The LT1 fuel rail connectors are from PepBoys. $10 each. I took these 4 connectors to a shop and told them how long of high pressure line I need. $40 later and 15 minutes later I walked out with the exact lines I need.




Camaro LT1's exit on the drivers side, Corvettes exit on the passenger side. I recommend the Camaro ones.






Stock TPI hose fittings re-used.