The casting next to the front bolt driver's side must be filled with JB Weld and cut off flush. I used a cut-off wheel on a high speed die grinder.






Same on the passenger side, the little casting behind the front bolt must be grinded smooth. This is to make way for the coolant lines.





I drilled and tapped for a 1/2" pipe thread. The hole was drilled for a .724" hole and I bought a 1/2" pipe tap (not a standard tap!) from a local tool house for $15. I checked the home centers and they don't carry that big of pipe taps. Might try a hardware store also.





The heater nipples I used are kind of special. I got them at NAPA. Part number is 660-1734. Most 3/4" nipples are 3" long, the NAPA ones are only 1 3/4" long! This is required around the throttle body area. 






This picture took all day Saturday to get. Remember what I said about filing the mount holes? It took most of the day.





Remote thermastat housing I got. It's made by Weiand, the part number is 7134P for a polished one and 7134 for unpolished.






3/4" heater hoses with 90 ends are required. I got the from NAPA, the part number is 9822.






Close up.





Remote thermostat mounted to the driver's side fenderwell. Note the temp sensor installed. the housing only comes with three holes. I used that 1/2" pipe tap and added a 4th hole for the temp sensor that was on the front of the old TPI intake.