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GM EPROM Project

These files are for Educational Purposes ONLY! I make no claim about their performance/operation/origin. Please don't blame me if you use something here and it doesn't work or breaks something.

This project started because I found out a buggy EPROM in my '85 TPI Z28 was causing a hesitation in 3rd-gear@3600rpm. I'm trying to collect/archive stock GM/FBody EPROM images so that people have access to the stock code if they suspect their EPROMs are causing them problems, or if you're swapping engines/ECMs in your GM/FBody.

If you have the means to copy your Stock EPROM , please email it to me to include it on the list below. If you have your stock EPROM out of the car (replaced with an aftermarket?) and can Snail-Mail it to me, I can read it and send it right back.

If you do send me an image, please include

I can currently modify the Parameters in the '85 - '89 TPI chips (Fan Temp, Spark Adv., TCC, Air/Fuel, Injectors, etc.) with the GMEPro   software, and 90-92 TPI systems using the   WinBin Eprom editor   and   My Current ECU file (for V0.11 of WinBin) for the 90-92 '730 TPI-MAP system

Local copies of Winbin Ver 0.11 and Ver 0.14

 Dan Townsend's ECU file collection for the 89 '165 TPI-MAF system   '89 image can be used in any '86-'89 TPI system with minimum chip changes



GOTO ->  ThirdGen FBody TPI Prom ID code reference

GOTO ->  DIY/EFI FTP Bin Library  Lots of .BIN, .S19, and other EFI info/files

GOTO ->  Ludis' C3/P4 ECM reference  Lots of great info on C3 and P4 ECMs

GOTO ->  ECMGUY Page  Lots of great info on GM ECMs and tuning

GOTO ->  Nat. Hwy. Trans. Safety Admin.  Lots of info on TSBs/Recalls/etc.

GOTO ->  ALDL info  Lots of info on GMs ALDL stream and links to ALDL projects

GOTO ->  Pocket Programmer  Inexpensive EPROM Programmer

GOTO ->  EPROM+ Programmer  Inexpensive EPROM Programmer

GOTO ->  Needhams EMP-10/PB-10 Programmer  Inexpensive EPROM Programmer

Table of EPROM binary images collected
Filename Description EPROM
Label Code (BCC)
 85tpi1.bin Stock '85 Z28 TPI
(Feb85 Delivery -305,TPI,700R4,AC,Z28 - "Buggy?")
FTM 9545
 85vette1.bin Stock '85 Vette - Early edition with 24 lb injectors
(Origin Unknown, most parameters same as 85vette2)
 85vette2.bin Stock '85 Vette
(Later ECM - 350,TPI,700R4,AC - 22 lb injectors )
HLH 2292
 85TAtpi305A.bin Stock '85 T/A TPI305 w 700R4 HLL 2320
 85TAtpi305A.bin Stock '85 T/A TPI305 w 700R4 UPDATED IDLE/TCC HLL 3802
 85Vette.bin Stock '85 Vette TPI350 w 700R4 UPDATED HLH 3200

MODIFIED Chips from Stock Images  

Use at your own risk

 85Z172F.BIN Stock '85 Z28TPI w/ 172 degree F Fan turn-on Temp. (was 224 F) FTM 9545
 85Z182F.BIN Stock '85 Z28TPI w/ 182 degree F Fan turn-on Temp. FTM 9545
 85Z192F.BIN Stock '85 Z28TPI w/ 192 degree F Fan turn-on Temp. FTM 9545
 85 ZZ4-TPI.bin '85 F-body with ZZ4/TPI w/ 24 lb injectors, 160 stat HLH 3200
 89 ZZ4-TPI.bin '86-'89 F-body with ZZ4/TPI/A4 w/ 24 lb injectors, 160 stat, No VATS,EGR ARAP
 89 TPI 305/A4 '86-'89 F-body with 305/TPI/A4 No VATS (Built from M5 stock image) APYS 9350

TPI images Contributed via Email  

No guarantee of Authenticity (unless noted)  

 85Vette.bin Stock '85 Vette TPI350 w 700R4 (Personally Read from chip) HLP 2297
 86Ztpi305A.bin Stock '86 Z28TPI305 w 700R4, A/C, 2.73 ANY 8980
 aum0122.bin 1986 F-body 5.0 TPI (Personally Read from chip) AUM 0122
 AMJ0499.bin 1986 Corvette Y07 Convertible; L98 5.7L; TPI; 4+3 M-trans; a/c; VATS AMJ 0499
 87Ztpi305A342.bin Stock '87 Z28TPI305 w 700R4, 3.42 ACXT 1099
 87Ztpi305A273.bin Stock '87 Z28TPI305,A4 ,2.73, calif. ABUT 8562
 87 TPI-305-T5-308.bin Stock '87 Z 305/TPI w T5, A/C, 3.08, 16" tires (Calif) ACYC 1135
 ANPJ6423.BIN Stock '88 Z 305 w M5, A/C & 3.45 (fed) ANPJ 6423
 AKFM2174.BIN Stock '88 Z 305 w A4, 2.73 (fed) AKFM 2174
 APYS9350.BIN Stock '89 Z 305 w M5, A/C & 3.45 (fed) APYS 9350
 AUJS3509.BIN Stock '89 Z 305 w M5, A/C AUJS 3509
 ANYJ9304.bin Stock '89 IROC 350 w/A4 & 2.77, A/C, fed (Personally Read from chip) ANYJ 9304
 AUJL.BIN Stock '89 IROC 350 w 700R4 & 2.77 (GH3)(Personally Read from chip) AUJL xxxx
 AUJM.BIN Stock '89 IROC 350 w 700R4 & 3.27 (GW6)(Personally Read from chip) AUJM xxxx
 APYU3516.bin Stock '89 Firebird 350 w 700R4 & 3.27 (GW6) FED APYU 3516
 ARAP.BIN Stock '89 Vette Alum heads 350 w 700R4 ARAP xxxx
 AYPY.BIN Stock '89 Vette 350 w 6-speed AYPY xxxx
 '90map6sp.BIN Stock '90 Vette 350 w 6-speed
 axyb3157.bin Stock '90 Fbody 305 w M5 (Personally Read from chip) AXYB 3157
 92Ztpi305T5.bin Stock '92 Z28TPI305 w T5, 3.42, G92 AXXD 3072
 92Ztpi305T5.bin Stock '92 Z28TPI305 w T5, 3.08, G92 (Personally Read from chip) AXXC 3067
 91vette2.59_A4.bin.bin Stock '91 Vette w A4, 2.59 AXCR 9819
 92tpi350A.bin Stock '92 GTATPI350 w 700R4, 3.23 AUJP 1350
 aujp1615.bin Replacement MEMCAL ordered from GM for '92 5.7l Fbody(Personally Read from chip) AUJP 1615

Copies from EFI/DIY FTP site  

No guarantee of Authenticity 

 85-mpfi-V6.bin '85 Camaro MPFI ????
 86TPI.bin '86 TPI (305?) ????
 87GTA350.bin '87 GTA 350 ????
 88camaroTBI.bin '88 Camaro TBI ????
 90camaro350.bin '90 camaro 350 ????
 90-350(L98)-M5.bin '90 350 (L98) w/M5 ????
 91GTA305A4.bin '91 GTA 305 w/A4 ????
 92A4.bin '92 Fbody w/A4 ????
 92camaroV6.bin '92 Camaro 3.1 MPFI w/700R4
A/C, Cruise, VATS, SRS, MAP
AZTY xxxx
 BLCC5074.bin BLCC 5074
 BLCD.bin BLCD xxxx
 BLJX6413.bin BLJX 6413
 BSTK1451.bin BSTK 1451
 BWCS9976.bin BWCS 9976
 BWFU0810.bin BWFU 0810
 BWPJ1640.bin BWPJ 1640
 ARUT9085.bin '91 Pontiac Sunbird, 3.1L, A3, 2.53, A/C ARUT 9085
 aclh9778.bin 1988 2.5L V6 Astro Van - New ECM serv# 16198445 ('165)(Personally Read from chip) ACLH 9778
 fml7554.bin 1987 L4 J-body (Cavalier) - '730 ECM (Personally Read from chip) FML 7554

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