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Learning UNIX

In my UNIX shell, why can't I edit my command line, after pressing up?

In your ~/.cshrc file, by default, the keybinding are set to vi. If you know vi, you can use vi commands to edit the line, such as using ‘i’ to insert into the command. Otherwise, you should change your keybinding by editting your .cshrc file. Search the file for “bindkey” and uncomment the line about “emacs” bindings and comment out the “vi” option. Then, apply your updates.

If your .cshrc file doesn’t have the bindkey line about emacs in it, then add the line:

bindkey -e
How do I apply updates I've made to my shell configuration file?

The next time you login, your changes will be applied. To see your changes in the same shell, you can execute source on the configuration file:

source .cshrc

CIS and UD Networks

How do I login to the UD and/or CIS networks remotely?
  • Download and install an ssh client such as SSH Client or cygwin for Windows. If you have a Mac or *nix, you should have an ssh client already installed, just open a terminal and type the lines below.
  • ssh for the UD network
  • ssh for the CIS network

Remember that your UD network login and password might be different from your CIS login.

Where is my personal web page, and where are the files stored?
  • If you have user id ‘user’, then your homepage on the cis network will be located at
  • On stimpy, your files will be at ~user/public_html. Make sure to chmod -R 755 public_html to make your files world readable and executable.
  • On the UD network, your files are in the same location, but your web page is at
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