Second Call for Papers

Journal of Symbolic Computation

Special issue on Differential Equations and Differential Algebra

Several decades have passed since J. F. Ritt and E. R. Kolchin introduced algebraic methods to study differential equations and their solutions. An early application of their theory is the well-known Risch algorithm for integration in finite terms. Another, more recent, one is Kovacic's algorithm for solving a second order ordinary differential equation. While these algorithms (and their generalizations) work in theory, implementation posts many challenging algorithmic subproblems, many of which are purely algebraic in nature.

After the phenomenal success of Buchberger's algorithm and its many generalizations, some researchers began to turn to similar techniques for algebraic differential equations. It was quickly realized that the differential analogues, where these exist, are far more complicated than their algebraic counterparts.

The time is ripe to focus on the recent advances and make these results and problems known to the general symbolic computation community. We invite submissions for a special issue on Differential Equations and Differential Algebra.

The special issue will be a collection of mostly original works that report new research results in the area of differential equations and differential algebra. These will be supplemented with one or more tutorials that survey the field. Each original paper should contribute to the mathematical foundation for symbolic computation algorithms in these areas. Results should promote the advancement in the design and implementation of algorithms for related problems. Topics relevant to the special issue include, but are not restricted to:

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Manuscripts may be submitted electronically in TeX, LaTeX, AMSTeX, or uuencoded-gzipped PS, but LaTeX using the JSC style files is preferred. Please send these to one of the two guest-editors who will handle the preparation of this special issue. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to the rules of JSC. A letter (or e-mail) of intent to submit a paper (including author(s) information, a title, an abstract, and an estimated number of pages) will be much appreciated. We strongly encourage early submissions.

Revised deadline for submission of full papers: 14 September, 1997
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 1 March, 1998
Final revised manuscripts due:1 July, 1998
Appearance of special issue:1998/1999


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