Acad. Genealogy

The following provides information about my education and academic descendants and predecessors.

After graduating with a B.S. in Physics at Iowa State University in 1964, I completed the M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University Illinois, Champaign-Urbana in 1966 and 1969, respectively, where I was an NSF Graduate Fellow (and a TA).

My doctoral advisor was the recursion theorist Tom McLaughlin. His advisor was the model theorist Chen-Chung Chang then at UCLA. Chen-Chung Chang's advisor was the well-known mathematical logician Alfred Tarski then at UC Berkeley. Tarski's official advisor was Stanislaw Leśniewski at Warsaw University, and his advisor was Kazimierz Twardowski.

Below are listed my completed Ph.D. students, and some of their completed Ph.D. students---my Grandstudents. Also included are some of my Great Grandstudents. Descent is shown by indention. All finished in computer science unless otherwise noted. Many links may be out of date.

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My Academic Descendants:

My first student, Dan Moore, graduated from the University of Kansas. All the rest, except the last six, graduated from SUNY/Buffalo. The last six (so far) graduated from UD.

The list of Grandstudents and Great Grandstudents is likely incomplete at this time. The URL pointers are also incomplete at this time.

I have graduated so far fourteen Ph.D. students, four of whom are or were full professors at research universities, one of these former head of his school and director of an associated research institute, now a Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research and Commercialization. Two more of his former Ph.D. students are professors at teaching universities. One more is a tenured Assistant Professor in Rome, and another is a PostDoc in Germany. I have also supervised three bioinformatics postdocs. I have 28 grandstudents and greatgrandstudents known to me, for a total of at least 42 academic descendants thus far.

Last revised: March 2014
John Case