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Howdy! You've reached my lousy web page. I don't have a whole lot of time to keep a decent page up and running. Hence, this thing. I am currently a NASA Postdoc Program fellow at Goddard Space Flight Center. While in grad school, I worked on dual PhD degrees in Computer Science and in Physics. Yes, you read that right. I did two PhD degrees in different departments and did it at the same time. Why would I go through such a nasty academic program? Well, I hope to write some stuff about that someday. I successfully defended both degrees.

My CS work is focused on dynamic compilation, specifically use of dynamic compilers in software engineering and security contexts. Publications can be found here. I'm working with Dr. Lori Pollock.

Now on the physics side of the coin, I've been studying magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in the solar wind. My advisor is William Matthaeus of the Bartol Research Institute. My pubs

One of the things I'm working on here is coaching a programming team. If you're curious, follow the link to the UD Programming Team page You may also be interested in the latest contest I'll be running (or recently ran).

Here's my CV, if you're interested (last updated Aug, 2009).

Complete list of my publications (in case you missed the earlier links).

Since you were so kind as to stop by, I should probably have some witty saying here to make your otherwise humdrum life a little more interesting. Sorry. I'm not that clever.

Some more about me...

As an undergrad, I attended Shippensburg University, majoring in Computer Science and also Physics. While at Ship, I participated heavily in the Programming Team, (even being the president for 2 years), adminstered Cutter, a linux machine for the CS department, got the SU ACM student chapter back up and running, worked in the computer center at ship, and I did some consulting work for Cumberland Valley Networking Services.

Some teaching stuff...

Here's a list of courses I've taught recently:
  1. CISC-220: Data Structures. Done in Summer '04.
  2. CISC-370: OOP, Java and the WWW. Done in Summer '02.
  3. CISC-105: Beginning Computer Science. Done in Winter '02, Summer '01, Winter '01, Summer '00.
I've also TA'd for CISC-181 (Summer '99), CISC-105 (Fall '98, Summer '99, and again in Summer '99 and Summer '00 for the summer college students), PHYS-207 (lab in Spring '00, Discussion in Spring '01) and PHYS-208 (Discussion in Fall '00).

Some writings...

I occassonally find myself in a mood to write about something or other. Sometimes I choose to share that with the rest of the world. Here's some for you viewing pleasure:
  1. Combining Physics and Computer Science. Just some thoughts and reflections I have about combining the two areas together. It may be useful for those of you who are considering doing something similar.
  2. Why Computer Science Students Should Take Physics Courses. I wrote this in response to a question from someone who had read the Combining Physics and CS essay.
  3. Breech's Bash. A "column" I started for the CIS-GSA newsletter "Piat".
  4. Some beginning emacs notes
  5. Thoughts on the differences between CIS Prelims and Phys Quals
  6. My SIGNewGrad presentation giving a brief intro to LaTeX
Things to come include some notes on vi and some typed up physics notes I've got lying around.

Here's some links I vist quite often:

Since you stopped by, drop me a line at breech AT cis DOT udel DOT edu.