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University of Delaware
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 306 Evans Hall Newark, DE 19716
Phone 302-831-4274 Fax 302 8314316 Email

I'm also the CTO of Cloudamize, a company that help companies optimize their cloud-based infrastructure. Cloudamize is always looking for great programmers with a good grasp of data



UDel Models - For Simulation of Mobile Wireless Networks in Urban Environments

Tractable Capacity Maximization for Wireless Networks


CTA - Component Based Routing



Cybersecurity (Spring 2016)

ELEG651/CISC650 - Computer Networking (Spring 2016)

CPEG419 / CISC450 - Computer Networking (Fall 2015)

ELEG 454/654 - Mobile Computing(Spring 2012)


Video Lectures