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Services/Features  SCTP  TCP  UDP 
Connection-oriented yes yes no
Full duplex yes yes yes
Reliable data transfer yes yes no
Partial-reliable data transfer optional no no
Ordered data delivery yes yes no
Unordered data delivery yes no yes
Flow control yes yes no
Congestion control yes yes no
ECN capable yes yes no
Selective ACKs yes optional no
Preservation of message boundaries yes no yes
Path MTU discovery yes yes no
Application PDU fragmentation yes yes no
Application PDU bundling yes yes no
Multistreaming yes no no
Multihoming yes no no
Protection against SYN flooding attacks yes no n/a
Allows half-closed connections no yes n/a
Reachability check yes yes no
Psuedo-header for checksum no (uses vtags) yes yes
Time wait state for vtags for 4-tuple n/a

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