Virtual Reality Development at the VIMS Lab

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The VIMS lab is home to a large Virtual Reality development and research space. We have been using recent advancements in consumer Virtual Reality hardware and software to develop scientific applications for VR. VR allows users to physically interact and observe 3D data like no other technology to date. Since we are still in the early days of VR, the majority of software being developed is for games, however we think there is a great potential for VR to enable scientists and professionals to work with data in new ways. We have been been developing scientific visualization and interactive applications for a variety of different data types, and below are some recent examples.

Geospatial data in VR

We have used MODIS satelite data to make an interactive globe that shows the earth's surface temperature and vegetation.

Multimodal VR for the Arctic

We have developed a visualization application that allows users to visualize data from PSITRES and the FIRST-Navy IR camera system simultaneously at real scale, giving users a multimodal 360 view of conditions around the RV Polarstern.