Gowri Somanath

PhD Student
Email: gowri 'at' udel 'dot' edu
personal web: http://udel.edu/~gowri

I successfully defended my PhD dissertation and graduated in Fall 2012. I will be joining Intel Labs, Santa Clara as a Research Scientist.

My PhD advisor is Dr.Chandra Kambhamettu. My research interests include topics in scene understanding, camera systems, stereo and 3D imaging, facial image analysis. My research is aimed towards enabling machines to answer questions such as, What objects do I see in this scene? Is this an object I can sit on? Where can I keep things on this object? Where am I? Is this the same person? Are these two people related? I also work on camera systems that can help find accurate 3D models, structures and distances in a given scene.

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Research projects

     Scene/object segmentation, object discovery [CVPR'09]
     Function based object classification, 3D shape abstraction & generalization [ACCV'10]
     Scene recognition [ICPR'12]
     Prism adaptor, 3D reconstruction, depth superresolution [ISVC'10]
     Flash projector, unstructured light projector, stereo reconstruction, art conservation [WACV'09, JOCCH'12]
     Dataset, face verification [BeFIT'11]
     Blood-relations verification, kinship, Ensemble metric learning [BTAS'12]
     Sensor fusion,  4-12MP stereo correspondence [3DPVT'13]
     Wide baseline stereo, metric reconstruction, stereo for low textured regions [ICPR'08, IPCV'09, ISVC'10]


  • For summer 2012, I will be working with Dr. Scott Cohen and Dr. Brian Price in the Advanced Technology Labs at Adobe Systems Inc, San Jose.
  • I was a research intern with Dr. Amit Agrawal at MERL for summer 2011. I worked on structured light based 3D reconstruction under global illumination.
  • I did a summer research internship (2010) at Technicolor, Corporate Research Labs as part of the 2D-to-3D project team (mentors: Dr. Shan He and Dr. Izzat Izzat). My task was to design and implement methods for automatic and semi-automatic conversion of 2D videos to stereo (3D) video.


  • Patent pending 'Prism Camera Methods, Apparatus and Systems' (PCT/US11/62314). Inventors: Chandra Kambhamettu, Gowri Somanath, Rohith Mysore Vijay Kumar.
  • Patent pending in the area of 2D-3D processing. Inventors: Gowri Somanath, Shan He, Izzat Izzat.


Gowri Somanath, Indoor Scene Understanding, PhD dissertation, Fall 2012.