Automatic detection and segmentation of GGO tumor

Yuanjie Zheng, Xiaoyan(Ethel) Xiang, and Chandra Kambhamettu

Collaborators: Thomas Bauer and Karl Steiner

Ground-Glass Opacity(GGO) of a nodule can be observed in the High Resolution CT images by the hazy appearance of the image pixels, which are blurred and have less opacity compared to the usual "thick/opaque" nodule pixels. GGO plays an important role in categorizing the severity of a tumor. It is reported that traditional algorithms developed for segmentation of solid nodules are inaccurate when applied to GGO's. Therefore, many studies aimed at automatic and precise detection of GGO have been carried out in recent years. In this project, a working system for GGO lung nodule segmentation is developed, where a novel initialization methodology and Graph cut technique is used to guarantee high accuracy.

Fig 1. (a) GGO in CT image; (b) Labeled original CT image: foreground GGO pixels (red) and background (blue) other tissues; (c) Refined initializations by colorization technique; (d) Segmented results by Graph cut.

Fig 2. 3D reconstruction of a GGO from different views.

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